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Francis Newton Souza’s paintings evolved further when he moved to London in 1949, where he became fascinated with the expressionist movement. Post his solo show in ‘Gallery One’ in 1955, his visibility increased, followed by a decade of unbroken success. Today Francis Newton Souza is the only Indian artist, to have a room specially dedicated for his paintings, at London’s Tate Modern Gallery.

While in London, Francis Newton Souza was hailed as one of the four finest painters of Europe, he left for New York shortly after in 1967. There he participated in the ‘Commonwealth Artists of Fame Exhibition’ (1977). In the sixties and seventies in New York, Souza’s paintings reflected softer themes.

Soon after Souza got recognised as one of Europe’s four finest painters, he left for New York in 1967. There he participated in the ‘Commonwealth artists of fame exhibition’ (1977). His other solo exhibitions include Paris (1950 and 1954) and Detroit (1968).

His love/hate relationship with women...

Francis Newton Souza’s relationships were every bit as colourful as his art. His love/hate relationship with the fairer sex, lead to the depiction of sexual tension and conflict in his paintings. He states “I have made my art a metabolism. I express myself freely in paint in order to exist.”

Souza almost seems to resurrect his life through the medium of art, despite his rocky relationships; women in Souza’s art are assertive and comfortable in their sexuality.