Aristocratic Family Background:

mother childBorn in to an aristocratic Roman Catholic family in Goa, Francis Newton Souza married Francis Patrick Souza’s mother Barbara Maureen Zinkant in 1965 in London; soon after they relocated to New York City in 1967. Of the two sons born to them in the seventies, Francis Patrick Souza and his younger brother Joseph Anthony De Souza, only Francis Patrick Souza survived and gave Francis Newton Souza seven grand children. As Francis Newton Souza’s sole legal heir, Francis Patrick Souza has dedicated his life, to promote his father’s outstanding art.

The Souza lineage can be traced to the Portuguese royal family. Their roots are linked to Martim Affonso De Souza, the 12th Governor of Goa, appointed by Dom Joao the 3rd of Portugal, to rule Goa from 1542 to 1545. The Souza family own properties and mansions in many parts of Goa and are respected members of society that serve as judges, advocates, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and educationists. Today the De Souza’s have settled over the length and breadth of the globe including Mumbai, Goa, Europe, Africa, America and Australia.

On his frequent visits to Goa from the UK and New York Souza created thousands of works of art including, ‘Women and Phoenix’ (1950); ‘Nude in Profile’ (1952); ‘Indian Women’ (1954); Untitled ‘Head of Man’ (1957 & 1960) ‘The Roman’ (1966) and many more on canvas and cloth.