His Achievements...

Francis-Newton-Souza bw

  • Awarded the 1st prize in the ‘Bombay Art Society Annual Exhibition’ (1947)
  • His first solo show in ‘Gallery One,’ London, sold out in 1955
  • He was voted as one of Europe’s 4 finest artists
  • In 1967 he received the ‘Guggenheim International Award in the USA: o Then the highest monetary award given in the arts
  • Many of his works were sold for over a million dollars after his death:
    • In 1957 his painting ‘Man and Woman Laughing’ sold for a record price of Rs 16.84 crores at the ‘Saffron Art Auction’, New Delhi
    •  In 2008 his painting ‘Birth’ at a Christie’s auction, created the record for being the most expensive Indian art ever sold, in an auction till date. It was purchased for 2.5 million dollars and was later resold at Christie’s in 2015, for a whopping 4 million US dollars

Today Francis Newton Souza’s works are sought after by many collectors and art connoisseurs. His paintings can be found in museum collections around the world including:

Tate Britain and London Tate Modern, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Birmingham Museum of Art, the Wakefield Art Gallery, the Haifa Museum in Israel, the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas Texas, the National Gallery of Modern Art in India, the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia, and the Glenbarra Museum in Japan.