‘F.N. Souza International Fine Arts Foundation and Family Trust Inc’

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Francis Newton Souza left behind a legacy of several thousand works on canvas and board; and tens of thousands of art paper works. The ‘F.N. Souza International Fine Arts Foundation and Family Trust Inc,’ was founded in 2008, with the aim to preserve, promote and catalogue his art, it is based and registered in New York City.

Francis Patrick Souza, the curator of the foundation, is the only legitimate son of Francis Newton Souza, who named Francis Patrick Souza as the sole legitimate heir to his entire estate and fine art collection in 2001. Francis Patrick Souza has over 20 years of experience in dealing with art galleries in cities like New York, London, New Delhi and Mumbai, including his association with the renowned Cymrosa art gallery, since 1991. Francis Patrick Souza has sold a number of his father’s paintings and other works over the years in the six and seven figure range, both in dollar and pound currencies.

The foundation is chaired by a number of senior De Souza family members who are sagely familiar with Francis Newton Souza’s paintings. Most of these family elders grew up in the paternal mansion houses of Goa, where Francis Newton Souza created much of his art, both in his youth and during his frequent trips back to Goa, from London and New York.

Today the foundation ensures impeccable artistic provenance for Francis Newton Souza’s masterpieces, sought after by art connoisseurs the world over. Some of the masterpieces currently on sale with the F.N. Souza International Fine Arts Foundation and Family Trust Inc include:

✓ Abstract head - 2 (1965) Acrylic on Canvas

✓ Abstract head - 3 (1965) Acrylic on Canvas

✓ Cityscape in Europe (1965) Acrylic on Canvas

✓ Portrait of Jerome and Marcel (1966) Oil on Canvas

✓ Portrait of Martim (1965) Acrylic on Canvas